Agnieszka Hołownia-Niedzielska, Senior Solutions Consultant at Espeo Software

Darmstadt Business School Interviews Espeo DLT Expert

Written by: Espeo Crew

Consortia and corporate platforms face numerous challenges, including managing complexity, enhancing collaboration, and improving transparency. Espeo Software is pleased to announce that its Solutions Consultant, Agnieszka Hołownia-Niedzielska, to contribute her expertise in a research project on Coopetition in Corporate Platforms. The Darmstadt Business School, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Klüh, conducts the study and he also handles the interview. The project, funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation, explores the challenges and solutions of consortia and corporate platforms.

Hołownia-Niedzielska’s interview focuses on how Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can help address the challenges consortia and corporate platforms face. She analyzes various aspects and implications of decentralized architectures.

“It’s crucial to emphasize that DLT continues to mature and is no longer merely an innovation. Companies are starting to realize the tangible business benefits it provides,” says Hołownia-Niedzielska. 

According to Hołownia-Niedzielska, success in DLT projects starts with problem identification. This is followed by the second phase, where the needs of interested parties are gathered. The third phase involves collaborative work across companies to create solutions. Lastly, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a Proof of Concept (PoC) is developed. An article with the entire interview is now available as a blog post on our website. 

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How to leverage distributed ledger technology in corporate platforms

Espeo Software demonstrates the tangible benefits of DLT through its successful case study with HLB Global, a network of advisory and accounting firms spanning 157 countries. We developed a decentralized system using the Hyperledger Fabric private blockchain network to enhance transparency in HLB’s referral processes. This solution allows all members to interact seamlessly, with built-in trust and accurate tracking for every action, making the network tamper-proof.

We thank Prof. Dr Ulrich Klüh and Darmstadt Business School for recognizing our expertise in the field of DLT. This technology can become essential to how consortia and corporate platforms operate. DLT can lead to streamlined processes and better data quality by offering security and accountability. 

About Agnieszka Hołownia-Niedzielska:

Agnieszka Hołownia-Niedzielska is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Espeo Software. She has over a decade of experience in FinTech and RegTech product development and project management. Having been a business owner herself, she brings unique insights into business and technical analysis across various project sizes. She acquired Blockchain for Business Professional certification.

About Espeo Software:

Espeo Software has been helping companies develop and implement innovative fintech solutions since 2008. By leveraging our expertise in blockchain, online payments, and other related areas, our clients can invent and create cutting-edge solutions and services that help them stay at the forefront of innovation.