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Become a blockchain expert.

Validate contracts.
Manage permissions.

Slash the paperwork your business does. Reduce organizational chaos and cut the time to make vital decisions with your partners.

Business challenges

Automate your record-keeping with an immutable ledger and overcome issues such as inconsistent data, lack of trust and transparency.
Commission management​

Legal digitalization

Save legal documents on a private blockchain to easily retrieve them. Immutable data keeps them secure.
Complex decision-making processes

Organizational chaos

Get everyone on the same page. Store it all in a neutral location distributed across your network.
Too much paper

Too much paper

Reduce the physical space devoted to paper documents.

Hyperledger Fabric for contract validity

Paperwork chaos and long decision times are a few of the biggest challenges in organizations today. Signing agreements with many stakeholders gets complicated.

Transferring the legal language to digital code is almost impossible. Currently, this is not transparent, which complicates business processes, builds confusion, and generates a lot of paper documents.

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Hyperledger Fabric benefits

Create a private blockchain system to streamline your workflow and reduce organizational chaos. Immutable data secured by a Hyperledger Fabric application can greatly improve how you collaborate with partners in your network.

More trust and transparency translates into better cooperation and faster decision making.

Too much paper

Smart contracts

Smart contracts help you to digitalize paper-based agreements easier than before.
Automate manual processes​

Automate manual actions

Migrate manual processes like signing documents to a private blockchain.
Decentralize workflows

Decentralize workflows

Improve productivity and decision making by creating a place to house your organization’s vital documents.

Cut paperwork, digitalize your business

Sound data unlocks huge potential for better collaboration within your organization and outside of it. A private blockchain network can handle many of the manual processes you do every day.

Signing, receiving, and retrieving vital contracts is much easier with a Hyperledger Fabric application.

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