Good reasons why not to skimp on testing

In this report, you’ll learn the ROI for testing services and the main reasons why not to skimp on it.


"The bugs we have prevented from escaping in Espeo have helped our clients’ busineses."

Bartosz Kuczyński

QA Software Tester at Espeo, specializing in functional, acceptance and exploratory testing of web and mobile applications.

Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook or Intel have special bug bounty programs, open to any external bug hunters, with a hefty reward system, admitting that bugs are in their software, which some of the best developers on the planet have written.

QA engineers are the first people to check whether the software works properly once a new version or feature is ready. They’re the first line of defence before end users and other stakeholders use the app. Just as any newspaper article goes through editing and review, the software needs to undergo such processes. The QA team will report the bugs and have them fixed before they reach actual users.
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