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Product design

Our product design workshops guarantees a seamless application development process from start to finish.

Are you thinking of building a new mobile or web app?

Understanding the business requirements and user needs ensures that your project investment will be successful and provide immediate compensation. Product design workshops are a key success factor while creating a web application. Our methodology guarantees an effective application development process from the very beginning.

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Basic requirements to ensure a successful app

An original idea
A well-researched target group
A wisely chosen platform
A great user experience
Proper testing before launch

What else does it take to deliver a successful web or mobile app?

Close collaboration
Involvement of designers, developers, product owners, strategists, stakeholders, and most importantly, the users.
Methodical approach
The use of methodical set of tools that adhere to Agile methodology, and make the job more scientific and collaborative.

The Espeo approach

We offer two product design workshop options.

Basic workshop

The basic product design workshops include the product discovery phase that ends with a product specification report.

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Extended workshop

The extended workshops continues with the design and prototyping phase.

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