The Top 10 Best Crypto Blogs and Personalities to Follow for 2022

As blockchain technology percolates deeper into almost every sector of our economies — from finance to supply chain to real estate, there is more to this revolutionary technology than algorithms, regulation, and code. The more blockchain use cases transform our life financial markets, the more sources of information regarding this technology appear on the internet. In order to help you navigate the crypto industry, we have prepared a list of the top blockchain blogs out there.

If you are tired of the constant price speculation in sources, such as Reddit, Telegram groups, and the more mainstream crypto websites, here are some of the best sources for coverage of blockchain news and crypto markets authored by those with their fingers on the pulse of the decentralization movement.



CoinDesk is one of the most popular news platforms for such crypto currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins today. In fact, other crypto websites cite it as a source of their information. However it is a very insightful content, so that Cryptocurrency newbies may encounter difficulties understanding some of the terminologies used in their blog posts.
It is run by CoinDesk Inc., which carries out one of the most popular events of the crypto space — the Consensus Summit, and daily publishes analytical content touching all blockchain uses cases. Generally, CoinDesk is one of the most popular and best crypto blog handling cryptocurrency news and anything affecting the blockchain industry.


Cointelegraph launched more than seven years ago and is entirely autonomous. The platform publishes a lot of insightful content regarding crypto markets, world blockchain events, collections of altcoins, and general information of mining activities. They cover four primary topics: cryptocurrency trading, blockchain, mining activities, and crypto and blockchain news.
Remarkably, they discuss digital currencies from all angles, comparing them to the standard for payment transactions, the value measure, and the medium of exchange. Cointelegraph looks for use cases of blockchain in the real-world and analyzes everything that happens in the crypto world. This includes a clear structure, a news feed, crypto rating, regulation, and information regarding upcoming coin offerings.

Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

It is hard to condense all of Vitalik Buterin’s contributions to the blockchain space into a single blog. He successfully managed to create the Ethereum blockchain, its native currency, and its native programming language. Because of the success of the Ethereum network, especially opening the way for the creation of decentralized applications, Vitalik is one of the crucial personalities in the evolution of blockchain.
In his crypto blog, Vitalik discusses everything from the history and challenges of the Ethereum blockchain to the development of theories on levels of fault-tolerant consensus and even how the blockchain industry should be regulated. If there is any crypto news website that you should consider reading as an investor looking for insightful content that will help you to gain a more technical understanding of blockchain technology, this should be among your priorities.


Launched in 2013 as, CCN provides not only news about cryptocurrencies and crypto markets, but also detailed analysis. The content is supported with clear graphs and figures, offering valuable information about trade volume, exchange rates, and changing market trends. Focused initially on Bitcoin, the blog has broadened its content offering to cover the current, expansive coin offerings in the crypto space.
The brand has established itself as a source of reliable cryptocurrency information. The crypto community likes their way of presenting information- structured, briefly, and mostly, not forgetting their provision of a broad selection of references to extra materials. Readers can subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest news directly in their emails.

BitMEX Research

BitMEX is among the top crypto exchanges, but what many do not know is that their research blog is also one of the most in-depth in the crypto space. The BitMEX journalists flame their posts in a financial journal style, covering everything related to blockchain technology and crypto markets.
The BitMEX team strives to offer deep insights into why and how one or more current happenings are influencing the crypto world in a certain way. A good example of this would be their efforts in covering stablecoins, which ends with what current stablecoin projects are trustworthy and why, with the support of financial indicators. Because of these factors and many more, it is easy to group their blog among the top crypto blogs.

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine is the world’s first magazine and one of the most established sources of Bitcoin news,  information, market analysis and expert commentary on Bitcoin, its underlying technology, and the entire industry that has evolved around it. The magazine is owned by BTC Media LLC, the media and publishing subsidiary of BTC Inc. Since 2012, it has offered detailed analysis, research, education, and thought leadership at the intersection of finance and technology.
The publication strives to offer accurate, timely, and relevant content to the crypto community.
Specifically, Bitcoin Magazine is passionate about Bitcoin and is keen to share news about individuals, businesses, and technological advancements that are transforming the world. Whether you are blockchain newcomer, savvy developer, investor, or entrepreneur, the platform aims to inform and educate you with quality content that meets the international editorial and journalistic standards, featuring both the highs and the lows of the crypto industry.


BitcoinTechWeekly differs a lot from the rest of this pack of websites for one main reason. It is categorically geared toward those who are not only seeking Bitcoin news but already have a technical understanding of blockchain technology.
Most of their posts focus on the latest software development tools, technical analysis and network updates in the industry, making it the best choice for technically savvy blockchain individuals.
Since they purposely style themselves as covering “weekly bitcoin tech news,” it is likely that their opinions will be subject to the Bitcoin maximalist school of thought.

A16z Blog

Marc Andreessen is one of the founders of Mosaic and Netscape, which ended up being the world’s first widely adopted web browsers. Then, in 2009 together with Horowitz, he established the Andreessen Horowitz Venture Capital Company, which runs the A16z Blog.
While this venture capital firm invests in both early-stage start-ups and established companies, its cryptocurrency blog is unique in two main ways.
First, as one of the Bitcoin large scale investor pioneers, they speak well from the institutional angle of the crypto industry. Second, the A16z Blog does not shy to share market insights including critical information related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain, to truly offer one of the most balanced crypto blogs in existence.

Jimmy Song Blog

Like Vitalik Buterin, Jimmy Song was one of the pioneers of all things blockchain. Categorically, he was one of the first developers to work on the Bitcoin blockchain. In his Medium blog, he draws on his opinions and the knowledge gained from his involvement in blockchain projects, to provide a professional analysis on topics related to the blockchain space.
In some of the articles, his explanations are specifically meant for developers, to connect a blockchain idea to something related to programming. In other guides, he concentrates on explaining concepts, such as the real potential of Asset-Backed Tokens (ABTs) to the general audience. Generally, Song’s publications attain the right balance regarding the audience it caters to and the content they cover.

Multicoin Capital

For those who are searching for crypto hedge funds, then look no further. The Multicoin Capital blog regularly curates what it terms as the essential podcast about the blockchain industry crypto markets.
They mainly cover how to excel as a cryptocurrency investor using more traditional investing approaches, such as achieving the ideal alpha. In other words, they strive to inform both new and experienced cryptocurrency investors on how to beat the crypto waves. Due to this, it is considered as one of the best crypto blogs available.

Conclusion on the list of the best crypto blogs

By including these blogs in your bookmark, you will always be updated with blockchain, financial markets and cryptocurrency news from all over the world. These blogs and personalities were critically chosen since they have already established themselves as reliable and respected sources of information.
Remember, public sources can guide you only by analyzing data from different sources, questioning everything, and suspecting manipulation under every analysis of “unique” information and statistical facts.

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