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Technology Disruption - The End of the World as We Know it?

The lifestyle that we're enjoying now is changing. And I dare say: for the better. Here are my predictions on[...]

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Drupal 8 - an all-in-one modern web technology

whitehouse.gov, louvre.fr, premier.gov.pl, mg.gov.pl, put.poznan.pl - what do they have in common? They were all created in Drupal CMS!

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Slush 2015 – High-Tech Rock’n’Roll

4 stages with star performers and super talents. Never-before-seen acts giving it their all. The delicious sizzle of street food.[...]

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Why does the future of your business depend on software?

In his often-cited article from The Wall Street Journal, with the telling title, “Why Software is eating the world”, Marc[...]

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