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We can do better: on developers and domain models

With every new project, we developers often try hard to avoid previous mistakes, and we do our best to implement[...]

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Symfony Flex: A new RAD way for Symfony

Tired of starting your Symfony projects with the same boring tasks? Symfony 4 will feature a new approach to building[...]

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Generating presentations using Google Slides API

A few months ago Google provided API to its Slides service, which we’ll use to achieve our goal: automating the[...]

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Docker for Mac: Performance Tweaks

Did you think that you could just take your Docker Compose file, launch your project and have everything work out[...]

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PHPCon 2016 - Non-Standard Ways to Use PHP

PHP is doing well. We have a great community, mature open-source solutions and support from recognizable companies. And thanks to[...]

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Is Phalcon really so good?

Phalcon recently gained a lot of popularity, all thanks to different approaches to the problem of applications performance. In short,[...]

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