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How to do Vaadin QA like a Pro using Ghost Inspector

We’ve recently started developing a Vaadin web application. At one point, we were faced with a UI testing problem that[...]

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Geecon 2017: Less hype, more diversity

Another year, another Geecon: of course I had to be there. For the fascinating JVM-related lectures, for networking, seeing familiar[...]

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Big Data technologies at Confitura conference

Confitura is an example of why don't need to attend expensive conferences to hear about the latest Big Data technologies.[...]

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Geecon 2016: Java 9, Spring and the Nyan Cat

Our goal for GeeCON 2016 was to broaden our knowledge about topics we encounter on a daily basis at work.[...]

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A Subjective Guide to GeeCON 2016

Geecon 2016, a well-established event on the Polish dev scene, is coming up soon. As usual, the subject drew some[...]

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Java integration tests with Spring

Recently, we had to write integration tests because a connection with the database was required in almost all aspects of[...]

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