The role, skills, and business impact of software architects on product success

The role, skills, and business impact of software architects on product success

Kirjoittanut: Tomasz Liberski, Service Delivery Director

Having well-designed software architecture means having architectural integrity, short-term and strategic guidelines, manageable complexity, and reduced maintenance costs, resulting in an increased business competitiveness. Consequently, well-made decisions on databases, user interfaces, cloud services, and data security guarantee optimal usability of digital solutions.

At Espeo Software, we place special emphasis on the architecture in order to ensure the highest quality of the solutions we deliver for our clients. This is why our architects have a deep knowledge on technology which supports effective decision making.

What makes software architects so valuable to the projects they work on?

There are many things that can go wrong during the software development process. To name a few, code pieces can be hard to test for the development team, the system can be tightly coupled, new modules can pose integration problems, scaling can be expensive, and the solution may be inefficient or resilient.

If you have a software architect on your project, these issues are minimized, resulting in an improved quality, stability, and scalability of your digital solution. How is that possible? Software architects make high-level design choices and frame the technical standards that meet your business needs. This includes the decisions regarding software architecture recommendations, coding standards, and working methods and team composition later in the development stage.

At Espeo Software, the software architects have extended senior-level experience from different customer environments. As a result, they ensure that the best practices to support digital transformation are incorporated into your project. What is more, the architects are responsible for collecting all technical requirements and are your point of contact with the technical leaders. They also serve as a liaison between the consulting team and the software development team.

In my role as a software architect at Espeo, I am responsible for determining which processes and technologies the development team should use in order to meet our clients’ business requirements. This includes not just decisions about technology or tools, but also daily processes that ensure the highest quality of the delivered solution. As a result of aligning the client’s vision for the project with my team’s day-to-day activities, I can have a direct impact on the project’s transparency and quality while decreasing delivery risks at the same time.

Maciej Tomaszewski, Software Architect at Espeo Software

Combining extensive technical knowledge with soft skills that drive project performance

Hiring a software architect for your project can simplify, accelerate, and streamline the process of solving challenges in your project. Software architects not only have impeccable technology-related experience, but they also possess soft skills that enhance performance and bring team members together for a smooth development of your project. As well as overseeing a project and coordinating teams of developers, they prioritize tasks and juggle team members’ assignments throughout the development process to arrive at the best results in the agreed-upon timeline.

Additional benefits of having a software architect in your project

  • Fast and easier testing of your digital solution.
  • Incorporating new features as well as integration between modules is easier and faster.
  • The rate of code degeneration decreases as development progresses.
  • The infrastructure chosen by software architect provides flexibility and scalability.
  • As the business environment changes, the digital solution that is being developed adapts to deliver the value needed.
  • The solution solves business problems better and more effectively.
  • The potential issues are identified before they occur or possible solutions are prepared in advance.
  • Software architect creates documentation that incorporates a high level of understanding of how the system operates on multiple levels of complexity.

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