Espeo Internship - “If it scares you, it might be a good thing..."

Espeo Internship – “If it scares you, it might be a good thing…"

New opportunities

My internship is soon coming to an end, so now’s a good time to look back on all those memories gathered during my time here, and also why not give you some advice on what to do! First of all, the whole experience has been awesome, for real! If you are given a change to do an internship, you should definitely seize the opportunity and not waste it for something dull. It’s an opportunity to learn and see something new. For me, it was my first experience working for an international company and abroad, but how did I find myself in Poland?


How about Poznan?

Poznan is located in between Berlin and Warsaw, and the atmosphere is exactly like it: relaxed, active and very western European. To me, it is the city of ice cream and beautiful lakes. For example, lake Malta, where we participated in a running competition with Espeo team, is a perfect spot for sports fanatics such as myself. All in all, the city is definitely a place worth exploring!

To do

My tasks at Espeo Software were to analyse the Finnish market, search information and create marketing content for Espeo, as well as assisting our marketing manager during the whole internship. I got to see and be involved in creating social media content and a marketing plan for an international company, which is building its image and increasing its visibility on the market. Part of my job was also to do sales to Finland. I was working closely together with the sales manager of Finland, calling and creating sales content with him. I got a close look at how b2b-marketing and sales are combined.

Excuse for a good beer

The Espeo team has been my support and security here. There’s always someone asking you for lunch and taking you for beer. You know the developers are always trying to find an excuse for a good beer! What I found a nice surprise was also a fact that Poznań is an exceptionally vibrant city with numerous international networks of young professionals, freelancers and startups. The example of it is MINGLE meet up which takes place every Friday and gathers people from different countries always ready to support each other or start a new cooperation.  I’ve travelled a lot but didn’t see so many active, innovative and open communities in one city.

Good thing to try

In my opinion, articles with quotes tend to be quite cheesy. However, when looking back at my time at Espeo, I can’t resist making one, so here’s a quote from Seth Godin, an American entrepreneur and author, maybe it will help you, when choosing your internship: “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” – Seth Godin

Mira Weckman – Sales and Marketing Intern

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