How to hire a software developer? There’s really nothing easier!

Find some time – or someone who will take care of the hiring process. Pay. Find someone who will be able to verify the candidates’ technical knowledge. Pay. Map out the recruitment process. Work out how you’ll create the candidate database. Create the ads. Publish them. Pay.

Look for candidates in groups and on dedicated websites. Call. Ask questions. Put together a shortlist. Update it. Schedule meetings. Conduct first interviews. Find a common tongue. Read the CVs. Compare portfolios. Check out LinkedIn and GitHub accounts. Second round of interviews. Evaluate the candidates’ personalities, communication skills, technical abilities, problem-solving skills. Verify code fragments.

Third round of interviews. Present offers. Negotiate. Give them what they want. Get them interested in the project. Present opportunities for growth. Make the decision before the candidate is snatched up by the competition. Prepare the agreement. Onboarding time. Run a test project. Evaluate.

Congratulations, you’ve found the first member of your team. Repeat the process to find the next developer. And the next.


Now you can start your project, but never forget about human resources, or: managing employee agreements, ensuring that they have plenty of opportunities for growth, motivating the employees, evaluating them on a regular basis, managing vacations and days off, looking for substitutes, verifying those substitutes, managing onboarding plans, all random occurrences and employee rotation.
Always keep in mind that your competition never sleeps, and their offers might end up being more lucrative than yours.

What about co-operating with an agency that will find people for me?

Go ahead, but here’s what you need to do…
Find someone who will find an agency. Pay. Verify agency. Establish co-operation. Wait a few weeks. Find some who will verify the candidates’ technical knowledge. Pay. Verify. Negotiate. Hire. Pay the employee and… the agency. Repeat. Start the project. And pray that you’ll be able to keep those developers for at least a few months.

What about a software house?

Find the company, verify their experience and references. Check out the team they’re proposing. Negotiate. Ensure that certain guarantees, a safe agreement and an advantageous accounting model are agreed on. No fixed costs. Control the budget. No worries about changes in the team. Focus only on your business. Start the project immediately. Develop project. Supervise the work. Pay. Get your ROI.

Is there a software developer you know that can help you out?

It should make things easier, but will they be able to cope? Live up to the expectations? Won’t they be bored? Or get a better offer? Will your friendship survive this co-operation? Give it a try!
Easy, isn’t it? Don’t forget to tell us what you think!
author: Błażej Jelonek