Espeo Junior Academy: insights from the people behind its success

Espeo Junior Academy: insights from the people behind its success

Written by: Julia Kachlicka, L&D Coordinator

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One of the main goals of cooperation with our clients is to always provide the best and the most experienced developer teams for the purpose of delivering high-quality solutions and results. However, while building the teams, we don’t only focus on high technical skills.

At Espeo Software, we know that well-developed soft skills are on par with technical excellence in a software development process.

Consequently, Espeo Junior Academy is designed to strengthen both technical and soft skills of academics and young professionals who wish to develop their careers with us. At the end of Espeo Junior Academy, its graduates will be well-prepared, experienced and independent developers, ready to join commercial projects.

A strong focus on the learning and development process. Julia Kachlicka, the L&D Coordinator

While structuring the Academy, we firstly designed its learning and development process. Junior developers are given new challenges, encouraged to learn, find new solutions, and test their ideas. On one hand, each of them has support from an experienced Mentor and the possibility to discuss issues. On the other hand, they receive feedback about their technical and soft skills, which enables them to improve their skills constantly. Moreover, junior developers gain real life experiences. As part of the Academy, they take part in an international, non-profit project in cooperation with a Norwegian foundation The Human Aspect. Our team is responsible for developing The Human Aspect’s platform and building a new one from scratch – a platform supporting the mental-health of refugees and people helping them.

Finding a tech partner that connects with our vision and shows true passion to join us in building it. Jimmy Westerheim, CEO and Founder of The Human Aspect

We are a foundation that has a global vision and felt that involving an external software house would help challenge us to have an even better result. Especially the engagement Espeo offered into this partnership with a combination of junior devs, senior mentors, and sr. capacity made us confident it would help us to reach the best product.

For us, the most significant thing is that our partner connects with our vision and shows true passion to join us in building it. Secondly, it is essential to any cooperation that the communication is open, clear, and constructive. Thirdly, the technical and soft skill competency is essential to ensure a professional and fruitful cooperation where synergies are achieved to the best result.

In terms of the junior developers, our expectations were overshot by a mile! Their skills, engagement, ability to challenge us, but also learn and commit to the vision fast impressed us. We all brought our full heart into this project and felt the junior developers did the same, to join us in what feels like a dream team. Together, we have already created something meaningful to the world, and we look forward to creating even more.

“We are working on transforming our current simple video library into an interactive tool including several types of resources. The video library called “The Life Experience Library” is already the largest free digital resources within mental health in the world. With this upgrade, it will be able to give the users around the world a much more therapeutic and useful experience.”

Jimmy Westerheim, The Human Aspect’s Founder & CEO

Making sure all client and technical requirements are met. Adrian Warkocz, Tech Lead

In the project, I am responsible for technical support for the team, code reviews, and recommending as well as discussing the best solutions and technical aspects of the development process. The main technologies used in the projects are React, Next, Typescript, Scss. Basically, Typescript is used in every project realized by Espeo Software. Scss and Next were technologies recommended by the client. However, using React wasn’t an obvious decision. At the beginning of the project, the client asked about recommended frontend technology. Our recommendation was React as the most popular and developed technology in advanced frontend development. Therefore, the client decided to rewrite the existing platform from Vue to React. It has begun the first stage of our cooperation.

Developing the soft skills of the Academy’s participants to fit modern software development. Jacek Malinowski, Delivery Manager

As a Delivery Manager in The Human Aspect project, I manage the team, solve problems and coach the participants of the Academy. My responsibilities include being a proxy between the team and the client, maintaining high communication quality, and transparency.

When it comes to project management in this case, we are using Kanban. It allows us to be more agile and focus more on keeping team skills in the upraise trend. What is more, thanks to Kanban, we are focused more on product and development than on process. I am an Agile Leader. I am transparent, open and client-oriented. Furthermore, I am showing direction rather than micromanage.

I am trying to implement and maintain a good vibe in the team and show them the best practices. In that case, We have great cooperation between Espeo and The Human Aspect. Likewise, we are aware of The Human Aspect’s needs, and they are aware of ours. Our main goal is to help people, create great products, and develop our team. Both The Human Aspect and Espeo Software are fully transparent, which allows our cooperation to flourish.

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