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What's in store for the edtech market in 2020

The market of educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quickly puts[...]

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Why usability testing is so important

Usability testing is software black-box testing that helps you check if the product is easy to learn, easy to understand,[...]

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Edtech gamification tips to boost your audience and keep them engaged

Edtech gamification improves engagement and learning outcomes for users. Here are some essential features your edtech app should have.

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Phishing scams and how to avoid them

Phishing scams are getting more sophisticated. Here are some great tips on how to catch one before you click and[...]

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Top causes of system downtime and how devops prepare to avert a crisis

These last few weeks have been a challenge for devops teams everywhere. For months everyone watched as the novel Covid-19[...]

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How to ensure proper payment gateway integration with popular methods

Payment gateways are becoming more and more important players to improve the shopping experience and effective payment gateway integration is[...]

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