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Is web application testing worth the expense?

Recently, I have been asked a very interesting question. How can we prove to our clients that testing is money[...]

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Why and where you should use Node.js

In 2009, Ryan Dahl introduced his side project which had revolutionized the JavaScript world. Since then Node.js is helping businesses[...]

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6 software technologies that will dominate 2020

The end of 2019 is coming. It’s time to sum up this year’s achievements and look ahead. Narrow artificial intelligence,[...]

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Unit tests and why not to skip them in your app development project

In software engineering, unit testing refers to testing individual units of source code. They’re part of the application code, written[...]

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How you can capitalize on the recurring payments trend

Recurring payments have worked their way into thousands of popular subscription services. While subscription models are nothing new, e-commerce has[...]

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How to build a secure and customer-friendly online payment solution

A well-integrated and user-friendly online payment solution offers benefits for both provider and customer. Here are some things you should[...]

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