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A practical guide to a great product with remote software teams

How do you lead a remote software team? How can you make a project successful with this set-up, and make[...]

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30 Angular tricks and tips to improve your application

Angular shortens development time for applications, reducing the time it takes to deliver custom software. Improving your app's performance is[...]

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Microinteractions: The Power of Animations in Android Apps

Good design is simple and informative, but apps can also be beautiful and sophisticated. Steve Jobs said details mattered and[...]

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How to personalize search results with Elasticsearch

Old search engines based on MySQL have ceased to be good enough. New tools come with an undeniable advantage: the[...]

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How to deploy React Native apps using Bitrise

Deploying react native apps can be a headache. Using the right tools to do it right will save you precious[...]

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What's in store for the edtech market in 2020

The market of educational technology is rapidly expanding with numerous apps appearing every day, but also the market quickly puts[...]

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