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To avert a service outage crisis — prepare, prepare, prepare

These last few weeks have been a challenge for DevOps teams everywhere. For months everyone watched as the novel Covid-19[...]

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How to ensure proper payment gateway integration with popular methods

Payment gateways are becoming more and more important players to improve the shopping experience and effective payment gateway integration is[...]

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Good reasons not to skimp on QA testing

Software bugs are an inherent part of the software development process. They’re never meant to be there, but, the reality[...]

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Is web application testing worth the expense?

Recently, I have been asked a very interesting question. How can we prove to our clients that testing is money[...]

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Why and where you should use Node.js

In 2009, Ryan Dahl introduced his side project which had revolutionized the JavaScript world. Since then Node.js is helping businesses[...]

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6 software technologies that will dominate 2020

The end of 2019 is coming. It’s time to sum up this year’s achievements and look ahead. Narrow artificial intelligence,[...]

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