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StoreMe is a mobile application for both iOS and Android that enables users to store luggage in secure locations on-demand. Users can reserve space on-demand or in advance and pay hourly or daily rates.

travel marketplace Node.js AWS React Native MongoDB Express.js EC3 SNS SES IAM Codebuild Load Balancer Autoscaling S3

Business challenges

Creating a platform that connects individuals looking for conveniently located short-term storage with local businesses ready to make space available. Among the many business challenges was to reassure users of their property’s safety as well as getting businesses on-baord to store luggage initally.

Technology challenges

Creating a React Native mobile app for two different platforms (iOS and Android) when React Native is still quite a new technology was a challenge. Another one was to guarantee the appropriate efficiency of the mobile app to have a real-time display of all possible locations in a particualr area. Furthermore, the implementation of the service price estimate model of StoreMe, connected with the length of time of the storage, acknowledging discounts, taxes and dividing the profit between the host and the StoreMe platform operator.

Project goal

The aim was to create a mobile app for Android and iOS. Initially, the client was set to use React Native technology. We built a backend system in order to create a proper marketplace service. The system works as a SaaS which means any location can become the so-called “hosts” which share their space to store luggage. In the end, we integrated the product into the Stripe's payments platform.

Services provided

Espeo was part of the project from the very beginning. In the development process three full-stack developers, a tester, and a project manager participated. Espeo was solely responsible for implementing the platform (mobile app, web app for hosts and creating the system infrastructure powered by AWS) and testing.


We delivered

Software development

Manual testing


Consulting / Advisory

Agile project management



I came to Espeo with our mobile app’s UX/UI fully designed and they developed the tech to power our app from start to finish. That’s what you look for in a tech partner and they delivered. - Peter Korbel

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