Blockchain education: Meet our meetup!

We’re just wrapped up the second edition of Poznań Blockchain Meetup. While the first edition was strictly technical, this time speakers focused on more varied blockchain matters. These included legal considerations, token types and the wider perspective on blockchain design. We’re glad to promote a more well-rounded approach to blockchain education. Here are some presentations and pics from the meetup.

As the organizers, we have to say this first. Blockchain education is something important to us. And we’re so proud that our meetup is seeing such interest. We’re hopefully on the way to creating a real local ecosystem, considering that not only devs are turning up to listen to the talks. So we’re encouraging non-experts in tech to come and join us in September for #3, both as speakers and as audience.

Let’s talk about #2 first, shall we? Here’s a quick summary of the three presentations.

Blockchain education – technology

The first talk Trustless off-chain computing in DApps,  was a more advanced technological tutorial. But what else can we expect from our Head of Blockchain? Only top-notch blockchain education. By the way, he’s written some great articles for our blog (about blockchain regulation or the benefits of a decentralized organization). Check them out if you’d rather read than listen. He’s also one of our blockchain training experts. Marcin demonstrated how you can retain trustlessness and data immutability while implementing applications that need a lot of computing power. Ordinarily, blockchain tends to be slow as it wasn’t designed to handle massive amounts of operations. See how he deals with those limitations here:

Blockchain education – legal

The second presentation handled some legal matters. Adam Polanowski, a practicing lawyer, showed the meetup crowd how to differentiate between various types of tokens. He also spoke about the legal requirements behind ICOs. Of course, this segment of blockchain education works best in direct contact with your lawyer, however, Adam’s remarks were very helpful, and a good starting point for more in-depth considerations. Legal matters around blockchain are worth keeping up to date with, considering how much in trouble one can be in this rapidly evolving ICO landscape.

Back to basics

Software dev Michał Chatłas offered a wider look at blockchain design and the reasons behind using blockchain. The gist of his talk ‘Distributed, immutable, secure…’ is that there is a lot to consider before deciding on blockchain as a solution. Blockchain offers a lot – but the implementation has to be well thought-out. Take a look at his presentation – the flowcharts should be particularly helpful. Is blockchain the future? We think so. Is blockchain the future for you? See the presentation first.

Poznań Blockchain Meetup #3 plans

Make sure you don’t miss our third meetup. We’re planning it for early/mid September. Oh, by the way, you can become a speaker too – if you’ve got what it takes. Interested? Drop an email to [email protected]. If you’re looking for more personalized blockchain education, just so you know – we’re offering tailored blockchain training.

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