6 Great Digital Healthcare Articles

We’ve put together a handy list of recent, valuable digital healthcare articles. This includes consumer-based solutions such as wearable tech, as well as predictions for healthcare IoT. With so many new technologies, and a genuine demand for better outcomes, we are likely to see this sector grow this year.

1. mHealth Shows its Maturity at HIMSS16 by Eric Wicklund

There was no number one blockbuster at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference. However, a clear focus was on integration – ”partnerships that build on existing programs and enhancements to platforms already in use”. Additionally, the announcement of IBM’s Watson Health sleep study, conducted through Apple’s ResearchKit platform, was one of the big moments.

2. Sensors untapped: What wearables will measure in the future by Michael Sawh

Ingestibles, sweat sensors, breath sensors or emotion tracking are just some innovations that are already being implemented.

3. Analyst: add ’social determinants’ to Big Data to improve health risk predictions by Jeff Rowe

Traditional data sources may not be enough. Kathy Mosbaugh, vice president of clinical solutions for LexisNexis Risk Solutions, argues that socioeconomic data should be included to increase prediction accuracy.

4. Healthcare Internet of Things: 18 trends to watch in 2016 by Bill Chamberlin

From hospital IoT to consumer-driven digital healthcare (which we’ve also mentioned), this is a great list of trends to watch in digital healthcare.

5. The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now by Simon Parkin

Babylon, a U.K.-based subscription health service, is currently beta-testing its app. It’s designed to analyze “hundreds of millions of combinations of symptoms” and aid the diagnostic process.

6. Using Apple Watch to Track and Achieve Your Health Goals by Dave Greenbaum

A fun and practical article on getting the most out of your Apple Watch health-wise.

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