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Dominik Zyskowski

Consulting Director

Dominik Zyskowski is the Consulting Director, one of Espeo Software’s strongest assets since 2013. He has 15 years of professional experience, gathered when he led product teams at PayU and acted as the Payment Solutions Advisor for the blockchain-based marketplace Soma.

Dominik’s extensive background has given him a unique set of talents. He has a degree in economics with a focus on finance and numerous courses and certifications. He also keeps a close eye on the market and participates in industry events, which help him stay on top of emerging trends. Dominik is passionate about Blockchain, its application in transaction security and its effect on the speed of processing. He is well-equipped to advise clients who want to introduce secure finance innovations to their projects.

Clients that work with Dominik have a rare opportunity to draw from a pool of varied fintech skills. Dominik leads a team of advisors, consisting of experts in blockchain and several financial fields, so the counsel they provide is of the highest calibre. Having been working as a consultant himself, Dominik mastered the difficult art of translating clients’ needs into technological solutions. His advice is incredibly detailed and has proven to be an excellent foundation for clients’ success.

Dominik plays a significant role as a business advisor throughout clients’ engagement with Espeo Software, offering advice on technical solutions and aiding clients in achieving their goals. He is the appropriate partner to build a roadmap of innovations, whether you want to use financial technology to boost your project or you’re curious about investigating the potential of blockchain technology.

Dominik Zyskowski
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