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Digital solutions for those who dare to be better.

With innovative product design, value-driven software development and close collaboration we help you succeed.



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Are you an IT executive who needs a helping hand?

We build highly skilled teams of project managers, designers and developers with experience in standard and innovative technologies like NodeJS, React Native and Blockchain. We put special attention to get a full understanding of our clients’ business goals.
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Looking for a team to support your development or payment integration project?

We work hand in hand with online payment providers bringing in top-notch payment developers in leading and niche technologies. Scale up your team or outsource your end-to-end project to us.
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Are you looking for ways on how to make use of the blockchain technology in your company?

With our expertise in blockchain strategy and advisory services, we can help you validate your blockchain project idea and advise on the best solutions that will bring the highest ROI.
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Are you working in the healthcare sector and would like to improve your patients experience?

We help healthcare companies transform through technology innovations like blockchain for better security, interoperability, and immutability of medical records to deliver valuable insights.
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Do you believe that some of your internal ways of working can be more efficient?

Espeo reduces the complexity of business processes ​by building internal applications ​that automate repetitive tasks and streamline information flow. ​
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