Our product design workshops - how to guarantee the most effective application development process

Our product design workshops – how to guarantee the most effective application development process

To build a successful and profitable app, you have to understand business requirements and your users’ needs. But how can you be sure your business concept is based on a reliable analytical approach and documentation allowed to work with the technology partners? The solution is our Product Design Workshop, which will help you build a lucrative, successful, tailor-made web or mobile app.

Two key elements of a successful app

The most important factor while creating an effective and functional app is the product design stage, which requires a few key elements. First, good collaboration between team members is crucial. All people who create, sell and use the project from developers, designers, product owners, strategists, stakeholders, and users have to support, collaborate and understand themselves. In order to achieve a common understanding, they must use effective cooperation methods and apply agile methods in the product development life cycle. The second success factor is a clear product vision defined at the very beginning of the product creation process. All parties and stakeholders should reach a common understanding of what needs to be achieved. Vision must be visualized in practice with the specification which lets business owners plan the necessary work on both business and technical sides better. It’s also a crucial base for any software development estimation.

Product Design Workshops – how we help our clients create successful products.

If you have an interesting idea and plan, but you’re not sure how to create a successful system, you can take advantage of our Product Design Workshops. Our experienced team will help you make your way from the rough concept to a well-defined application reflecting true market expectations with a unique value for your future clients.

1. Understand the product value and clearly define the vision

First of all, during our workshops, we’ll talk about your business idea and the whole concept behind it. We’ll delve into what the product will do, what problems it will solve and what value it brings to end users. It will let us understand your line of thought and then analyze the value proposition of your product. During our meeting, we precisely document our arrangements and collect all the information needed to prepare a reliable estimation for the development stage.

Afterwards, we’ll put our heads together and clearly define the product’s vision. In the beginning, it’s important to determine what you want to achieve but keep the main vision in focus. As the project progresses, you should do everything consistent with the main goal. Therefore, you have to define the main value of your IT solution and consider how to show it to your clients or users. If your company has any problems with that or does not have enough experience to do it on its own, we will help you find the best approach. During the workshops, our experienced production team will meet you to discuss and determine the value proposition of your product and they will work out together with you how to highlight it in your product interface and design line.

2. Understanding of Market Requirements

If you want to create a successful application, you have to understand the market and be able to meet your clients’ expectations. You should have an extensive list of your potential users. Create a defined user group or groups and make a list of goals for each of them. If you don’t have any experience with that – our workshops will be a great solution for you.

During the meeting, you have a chance to talk with our expert team who have strong experience, knowledge and skills fundamental to create good and competitive products. We will measure the potential of your idea and give you a lot of necessary advice. We will help you prioritize the goals of your app and eliminate any flaws in the business logic. Together we will create a list of client personas who reflect your future user group. This way we will get a deep understanding of their expectations in terms of preferred app features and its expected usability. Our team still takes valuable lessons learned from completed projects and can recommend on l which elements to incorporate into the MVP product and which ones will be worth adding to the backlog.

3. Perfect Technology Fit

Our team has extensive professional experience which helps us understand our clients’ business challenges and how it impacts potential technology choices. As we in Espeo are technology agnostic with expertise in a wide range of technologies, we’re sure we can recommend the best tools and advise on the scalable technology that grows with our clients’ businesses. Our experts know what to do that business and technology will come together. We always try to tailor technology to current and future system needs.
“We make sure that what we start producing is of very good quality as an idea and we not only fully understand it, but we believe that this is the best way to implement and deliver this idea. That’s product design,” said Dominik Zyskowski, our Software Consulting Director.

To make the job more effective, we’ve applied lean methods. Due to this solution, our activities are collaborative and more scientific. We know how to fit the tools depending on the current state of your application and your defined business needs. Moreover, we always consult that several tools could be used at a different stage in the application development process. Our experts always analyze all alternative solutions and then show you the complexity of the system.

4. Clear Execution Plan

We deliver a detailed execution plan tailored to your needs based on our knowledge and experience. We focus not only on a vision and technology but also on the design, story map and the release plan for the app. We have strong UI experience and understand the Design Systems. Our experts prepare the mockups, which include their proposal of the graphical elements and information architecture. They also create a prototype of the app, which can be used to overlook the first business aims behind the product and collect feedback from potential users We always consider our clients’ needs and expectations. Therefore if you have a limited budget and time, we will focus on only the most important elements such as prototyping and implementing the wireframes.
In each phase of product development, our clients can rely on our help and knowledge.

“We need to be technical consultants to figure out the best approach. We talk with the client first to understand the whole idea behind his business concept. Then we suggest the tweaks needed to translate the idea into technology in a business-wise way. We always try to keep being creative and motivated to deliver the increments of the product of most value through the whole project life cycle,” said Dominik.
After the analysis, product discovery and creation of the product specification, you will receive the final Product Specification Report. If you decide to join an extended workshop version, you will also get a plan for the design and prototyping phase.


An idea and good intentions may not be enough to create a successful application. In fact, a lot of interesting products fail because of a weak business plan or poor technical choices. The best solution to avoid any mistakes will be consulting your plans with experts who are competent to make your business get off the ground.

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