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Medtech Oasis: Emerging healthcare trends in UAE

Healthcare is changing and nowhere as fast as in the Middle East. Learn more about the challenges and opportunities.

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"Unburdened by legacy systems, and keen to attract an increasingly mobile medical tourism sector, the UAE can serve as a model for digital transformation."

Sarah Lang

Head of Marketing at Espeo

Blockchain technology and artificial intel- ligence are two promising technologies facing the healthcare industry, especially as IoMT devices proliferate.

Part of what makes blockchain so attractive in healthcare is that decentralized consensus eliminates tampering and maintains data integrity. It also securely distributes information to all stakeholders.

Finnish company BioMensio, one of Espeo Software’s clients uses IoMT devices to test saliva samples for illicit substances. There are significant opportunities for blockchain technology for this and projects like it in the future. It would help the devices secure and seamlessly distribute data to laboratories, and law enforcement. Savings in administration and security costs will help healthcare companies shore up prof- its and help reign in overall healthcare spending.

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