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Full-featured web apps We’re web application development company. Our web application development services support internal processes and external communication or serve as a core business infrastructure for SaaS enterprises.

We have deep domain expertise in web application development:






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What our clients say

At every stage of the project, it was demonstrated that Espeo doesn’t only focus on programming but also works to become a trusted consultant, one that doesn’t hesitate to suggest better solutions.
CEO, Eximap (Finland)
We could not have picked a better web builder. They are always available - I found it valuable to talk directly to the team. Can’t find anybody better in the industry!
CEO, Dreams.Build (USA)
I'm able to collaborate with them in ways that would have been impossible with other firms I've worked with outside of Finland. I liked the fact that they responded very quickly to any questions or concerns I had. When I sent a request or a task, I saw the progress and I knew it will be done within the time period I wanted.
Team Manager, Solita (Finland)
From start to finish, everything from communication to quality to levels of feedback was flawless. It's clear they think about these projects on a level beyond what we saw with some of the other firms we tested out.
Founder, Outsearching (Norway)
Espeo successfully implemented agile methodology to manage a 20-person development team and representatives from other agencies that were involved in the project. Their professionalism was unrivaled.
Sales Development Representative, Oracle (project for Polish Police)

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Custom web application development


We recommend Node.JS as a framework for our web application development services when fast time-to-market and effectiveness are the key factors.
It’s the best platform to develop real-time applications, streaming applications and cases where the requirement is to build APIs. Node.JS facilitates building fast web applications – it makes work more efficient and significantly speeds up development work.


Java is our first-choice back-end programming language for web applications where more demanding requirements come in. It can meet advanced challenges regarding security, scalability and performance.
It addresses high functionality solutions with its complex set of features. We use Java for enterprise-level custom web application development.


PHP is a well-known open source language which provides ultimate solutions for custom website development. It is commonly used for bespoke web applications development, where the software needs to be tailored to client needs.
In our web application development services, PHP is the preferred language for CMS development.


JavaScript is our key language for web front end development.
We work on Angular and React frameworks as they have been proven to be most effective in creating our web applications’ frontend layer.