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Web and Mobile App
Automated & manual tests

Reliable Application Testing

We verify project requirements and suggest improvements if the page is not easy to use or intuitive enough. We plan and execute functional, performance & security checks.

Manual Tests

Automated Tests

Cost of fixing bugs raises
throughout development cycle

Source: IBM System Science Institute Relative Cost of Fixing Defects

Chart description

  • Requirements: cost = the time it takes to rewrite the requirement.

  • Coding: cost = additional developer hours.

  • Testing: cost = additional developer, system engineer, PM and QA hours.

  • Production: cost = additional developer, support, system engineer, PM, bug isolation difficulties, angry customers, reputation damage, customer and QA hours.

Return of Investment for Espeo testing levels

We know how much money our clients can save when running Espeo testing services. Our practice show there is a ...

Bronze Plan

60% less bugs for customers compared with no testing, saves nearly 40% money spent on bug fixing

Silver Plan

75% less bugs for customers compared with no testing, saves nearly 40% money spent on bug fixing

Gold Plan

85% less bugs for customers compared with no testing, saves nearly 50% money spent on bug fixing

You can find detailed ROI analysis for our test levels here:


With the automated tests in place, the development team is able to work faster and more confidently.

app quality

fewer issues (both
functional and usability)

app performance

stable and secure

lower app cost in the
long run due to finding
issues quicker

lower risk of app

Our Approach

We have our quality standard to ensure that our projects are delivered in a smooth way and without any critical issues.

Step 1. Feature development

Step 2. Automated checks (static code analysis, unit & integration tests)

Step 3. Automated tests (possibly extended)

Step 4. Code review

Step 5. Manual tests


We carry out the following tests

Manual web & mobile

Automated web & mobile

Usability tests

Recovery tests

Accessibility tests

Performance server side tests

Performance client side tests

Basic security tests



Head of Testing. QA Lead with solid programming skills, testing experience and devops basics as well as soft & management skills. Pioneer in testing processes in a few companies. Expert in test automation. Speaker at testing conferences and writer tech blogs.


Software Tester performing functional, acceptance and exploratory testing. Specializing in Blockchain Dapps, mobile, web applications and API testing. Good at team organisation, SCRUM-savvy and client-contact-oriented.


Test Automation Specialist oriented around Python with a vast experience in functional and exploratory testing. Fond of taking care of your application through the use of performance tests.


Comprehensive tester with test automation experience based in Selenium, progressing toward the automation path for mobile apps. Good with understanding user needs within a project.


Software Tester having an eye for detail and strong analytical skills, experienced in functional and exploratory testing. Passionate about searching for system vulnerabilities to protect data from cyber attacks.


Software Tester specialized in functional and exploratory testing, with experience in automatic testing based on Python and Selenium

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