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We understand your business objectives and select technologies that fit your needs. Getting things done. Together.

Agile project management

Agile is one the pillars of Espeo’s identity. Being transparent in our efforts means for the client that he is fully informed about project progress, resource consumption and tasks performed by our team.

It also means that we are able to scale our teams according to the current needs and knowledge gaps. We realize that diverse skills and competencies are crucial for the successful delivery of any digital product.

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Full-lifecycle software development and consulting company

We deliver custom applications as well as the customization of pre-developed solutions according to client's needs and vision.

Unleash the knowledge of our
subject-matter experts.

Being on top of the latest trends and technologies is our daily routine. Whenever our clients need to verify their business ideas, or require the feasibility study of the IT solutions, we are happy to help. You will have access to the knowledge and experience of the entire tech and consulting team at Espeo. Our goal is to make your venture successful by filling in your digital skills gaps with our talents and expertise.
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Start your project the right way.

Understanding the business requirements and user needs ensures that your project investment will pay off in the future. We believe that a workshop with the diversity of opinions, perspectives and roles is crucial for having an efficient and actionable project kick-off. We encourage the involvement of designers, developers, product owners and marketers in our workshops as they collectively provide all the inputs needed to create a coherent vision of the future system.
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We promote a human-centred design and data-driven approach to create world-class user experiences.

Writing code is only part of the overall development process. Seamless product design is essential to any successful web or mobile project. UI/UX decisions impact every aspect of how your app will function in the world and getting that right is vital. Our design team works diligently to come up with user-friendly design paths for your application. Straightforward, beautiful design is one thing that will bring your app success.
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Take what is best for you in the broad stack of technologies.

We master various programming languages and frameworks, so we know what can be used for the client's biggest benefit. Building modern software means working with any technology that delivers the desired results. If you enjoy working in multi-disciplinary teams and enjoy a close interaction and seamless communication with our developers, we're your right choice. We leverage our experience gathered across many industries such as fintech, payments, blockchain and media projects for mobile and web development.
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Taking responsibility for the product means to thoroughly test it and ensure a high quality before it's handing it over to the end users.

We feel responsible for our work and therefore we treat testing as an inherent part of a software development process. The user experience must be verified across all platforms, so the automation of the testing process is vital. Depending on your needs, we offer different testing packages, from manual to automated testing.
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Taking care of the live systems that support your business and generate your revenues.

Our DevOps engineers are hands-on into the development team's work. They have a real impact on solution design, security and performance. This way the systems we create are better adjusted to the traffic they are expected to serve, have a higher security level and are better prepared for the future development and scaling.
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