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Online payments

We deliver payment gateway development and integration services for online payment providers.

Our expertise

We deliver full-featured payment development and integration services in team leasing and project outsourcing models.

Taking advantage of our 10+ experience and track record of payment projects, we work not only as a software development company but rather as a technology and business partner who can take over full-scope projects including payment processors enablement, negotiations preparation of documentation and integration services.

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Insights from a global payment provider

Intelligent Payments Group is one of Europe’s largest payment gateways. The platform operates under the EVO Payments umbrella, which acquired IPG in 2016. Espeo Software has worked alongside IPG to launch a flexible recurring payments module, ensuring it complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS.

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The challenges for online payment providers are diverse.

As a trusted technology partner we have a deep understanding of the growth blockers.

Lack of well qualified resources...

... is a main reason why online payment solution companies cannot catch up with the current client demands and their specific needs. Scale your team with experienced project managers, developers and designers to quickly gain cost leverage - thanks to a faster go-to-market strategy.
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Finding the right people for the right technology requirements does not need to be a hassle.

Thanks to our excellent people and processes, we take care of your end-end project. We can integrate with existing payment gateways which gives you the chance to expand the options for your clients or develop your custom payment gateway. As this is one of our focus, we always have the right people at hand for you.
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Meet the expert

Dominik is our software consulting director specialized in IT Systems & Business Analysis, including product and prototype development of online payments solutions.

His over 15 years experience in the IT sector with significant practical knowledge in the online payment industry includes leading product development teams, being a payment advisor and managing payment related projects.

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We build more than just software

Take advantage of our 10+ experience and track record of payment projects.
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