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Building a secure and user-friendly lending app

Lending money apps

Banks have lost monopoly on giving loans both to companies, big or small, as well as private users. Lending money apps offer an alternative unavailable just a couple years ago. Following digital market expectations money lending platforms must offer easy-to use, reliable and quick access to loan. Building a secure and user-friendly lending app is a complex process which requires the best technology choice and perfect understanding of client needs. Here is where Espeo can help bringing in expertise and experience to help you avoid technology mistakes and achieve market success.


develop an easy to use and secure lending app

ensure the highest level of security

support complex verification process

build UX that support user engagement

integrate an app with 3rd party system providers

What we offer




Espeo’s lending app development process pays close attention to the key elements such as security, confidentiality, design, and testing so that both individual users and financial institutions receive best possible solutions.

Recent work


the best UX

high level of security

innovative technologies like blockchain to build up-to-date app

scalable solutions that grow with your business

integration with 3rd party payment solutions

How we work

Espeo follows a unique working process which combines fast and easy project start-off with the best consultancy services in terms of technology and providers’ selection.

From the very beginning, we cooperate with customers by adopting various methodologies, including product design workshops to develop an optimally functional scope for MVP features together with designs that customers love.

Start a project

Product design workshops

The prototyping phase

MVP development

Testing phase


Why Espeo

We are devoted to construct innovative, highly secured platforms and scalable solutions that will grow and develop with your company.

User experience

We provide prototypes and clickable mockups within 2 weeks which allows our clients to test them in practice before even starting the MVP phase. Such an approach ensures that the solution will meet end users’ expectations and reach potential customers.

Best technology fit

We have a wide technology span. We are able to develop applications using all popular technologies as we are not limited by programming skills. We specialize in emergent technologies such as blockchain to bring in the most innovative technologies


Security plays a key role in online payment systems’ development and integration. We pay special attention to security aspects and use technologies like blockchain to guarantee the highest security level.

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