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Espeo Software is a strategic technology partner for healthcare ventures in the USA, the UAE, and Europe. We excel at building solutions that support collecting, processing, analyzing, and sharing medical data — especially in multi-user and multi-stakeholder environments.

We provide better security, interoperability, and immutability of medical records by leveraging blockchain technology as a data storage layer.

We level up the way of bringing data together and deliver invaluable additional data, extra insights and the possibility for remote care with IoT powered solution.

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A cloud storage platform for diagnostics as a service solution


A system granting patients immediate access to their medical records.

David Health Solutions

A hardware and software solution for spine and orthopedic care.


A platform bringing clinical operations and patients together to accelerate the medical research.

Meet the Expert

Dominik Zyskowski

Software Consulting Director

Seasoned consultant and project manager with 15 years of experience and dozens of completed software projects led for companies all around the world. With great focus on client perspective and a business-oriented approach he perfectly combines business owner’s expectations with possibilities that come up with adopting new technologies to foster growth.


Blockchain technology is one of the most innovative and disruptive technologies in the market. Its best use cases are in businesses where security, sensitive data storage, and data integration are key challenges. That’s why it perfectly meets healthcare industry needs. Blockchain can address key healthcare challenges such as:

1. Fetching data from medical devices

Fetching data from medical devices (also IoT devices) and storing it on the blockchain to allow for the creation of trusted and unchanged medical data source enabling patients to own and control their medical records:

  • monetization of medical data by enrolling in clinical trials. This is valuable to researchers because it’s often difficult to find a person with specific health conditions for a specific medical trial)
  • participation in research of new cures and DNA analysis
  • facilitating telemedicine by giving temporary access to selected doctors/clinics

2. Storing tests results from laboratories

Storing tests results from laboratories on a trustworthy and transparent infrastructure.

3. Tracing drugs and test results circulation

Tracing drugs and test results circulation and detecting possible alterations and attempts of counterfeit drugs.


Internet of things (IoT) has opened up a lot of possibilities in medicine: when connected to the internet, ordinary medical devices can collect invaluable additional data, give extra insights, enable remote care and much more. Espeo works with medical companies to take advantage of this technology

1. Next level of data analytics

Thanks to IoT, medical companies get access to data that can not be overestimated. This extremely valuable insight can boost business development and open health care enterprises to totally new services and markets.

2. New Services

We work with our clients such as laboratories to revolutionize data analytics coming from different medical devices and offer them as diagnostics-as-a-service and many more. With IoT technology in place, medical companies can offer their clients a wide range of remote healthcare services.

3. Building a competitive advantage

Innovative medical companies invest in IoT to build competitive advantages and offer their clients outstanding products that anticipate market trends. We support this forward-thinking approach by transforming concepts into working systems powered by disruptive technologies

4. Maintenance costs

We support medical firms in building applications that can optimize devices usage and generate long term savings.

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