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How can we help you?

Limited resources and tight project deadlines is one of the many challenges a CTO has to face nowadays. As you landed on our website, you’re already aware of the opportunities outsourcing can bring you, given that you find the right partner for your needs.

To help you making this decision, we want to share some helpful information with you, tips and tricks and ways how we can help you achieving your goals.

Should you not find, what you’re looking for, just drop us a line!

Developer shortage
Thanks to our skilled delivery team, you don't need to struggle with in-house hiring or spend time and money on finding good people locally.
Additional projects with tight deadlines
It is always great to take new business opportunities but what if you in-house team is engaged in other projects? Stay flexible with us.
Software integration
We can integrate new solutions into your business model, help you update your existing software and make your overall tech stack more efficient.
UX/UI design
Thanks to our frontend developers and UX/UI specialists we design and develop modern and user-friendly interfaces for your digital products.

Choose how you want to scale up

Sometimes all you need are helping hands.

No matter if you need a whole team to help you out or if you would like to chose some skilled developers to support your team — we can do both for you.

It is a good thing when your company is swamped with many projects.

But it might also mean that you need to outsource to be able to deliver to your client. And here's the good news: we can build your product from scratch, starting with consulting, over prototyping to actual development and testing.

Ask us anything

Chat with us about software outsourcing. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. It’ll only take 15 minutes – and will be worth your time.

Here are some example questions we can discuss:

  • How much time do you need to build a team for me?
  • How do you communicate during a project?
  • What technologies do you use?
  • What industries have you built solutions for before?

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