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Our clients improve their businesses by conceptualizing and creating tailored, scalable internal applications and services. Modern technologies fuel their growth by optimizing key business processes. ​

Increase operational efficiency - client's success story

The business challenge was to increase operational efficiency at Suomen Suoramainonta and roll the new system out to all distribution groups.

Read more about how we transformed the IT ecosystem of the leading Finnish distribution company.

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Customized enterprise applications can help overcome common challenges

We create tailored, scalable enterprise applications that improve employee productivity and optimize business processes. ​

Benefits of working with us

Increase productivity of internal processes
Unlock access to information
Use time and resources wisely

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We promise you will love working with us

We understand your business.
We are more than just developers. We're a team of experts who understand your business and your goals.
We communicate seamlessly.
With us you won't feel that we're a remote team. We adjust our ways of working to your needs.
And we deliver.
In the end we all want to see results. And you will get these with us.

Meet the expert

Dominik is our consulting director who specializes in IT systems and business analysis, including product and prototype development.

His track record includes implementing workflow systems in the public sector and designing business process management tools in the manufacturing industry. He has wide expertise in dealing with corporate clients, and he understands their specific needs and goals when it comes to enterprise applications.

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