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Digital transformation

Accelerate digital transformation efforts now and be prepared for tomorrow.

Is your business lacking productivity and operational efficiency?

Technology is no longer a choice we can make. It should play a major role in each and every business strategy and must intertwine with operative-initiatives. Digital transformation is bringing the change for traditional businesses to not only survive, but also to thrive. Using technology and data as the base for analytics can help you today to understand the needs of your customers tomorrow.

Education Alliance Finland, formerly Kokoa initiated their project wanting to improve their main business processes – evaluating educational products. Before the Kokoa Elevate tool, evaluators had to prepare and change evaluations manually, which was a very time consuming and error-prone process. With Espeo’s help, they kicked off the digital transformation journey. The idea behind the new project was to implement a tool that will facilitate evaluation creation by introducing a wizard-like web application.

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How can we help you?

During our digital transformation consultancy we identify areas that pose the biggest challenges, find solutions, prioritize them and finalize actionable outcomes which will help you to change and improve processes.

We work with the lightning decision jam methodology to get the most out of it in a short period of time and offer you a valuable business experience.

We will get things done. Together.

Understanding your business.

As consumer behavior changes, your challenges change with it. We understand that each company experience their own struggles and we focus on those that your organization and people faces. We also assess the digital maturity of your organization to learn how you operate. We use this to challenge the status quo.

Going deeper into biggest opportunities.

Challenges always mean opportunities for us. We see this as a chance to get your digital business strategy into shape, so you're ready for the future. We’ll work on digital concepts and cross-industry opportunities and point you in the right direction.

How can we fill in the gaps with software technology?

Once we have all information from the workshop in place, we’ll prioritize the solutions with the biggest impact and focus on those that will create the quickest changes. We’ll pinpoint what kind of investment it requires and the risks associated so you have a full picture of the kinds of digital transformations you’ll see.

Make the solutions actionable.

As a fourth step, we want to design a simple framework for where to start and what to do next. We'll set goals together as you will want to measure your effort and guarantee a smooth digital transformation. If desired, we can also help you further with prototyping and development since we will have a clear picture of what needs to be achieved.

Book your free consultancy workshop with us and you will

Identify challenges
We ask the right questions and together we will discover and prioritize the biggest challenges you face.
Find quickly the best solution
The next step is to analyze and define the best possible solution for your transformation strategy. We bring you closer to your business success.
Receive actionable results
By the end, you’ll receive all data, a plan of activities and actions to follow. We are also here for you if you need help with implementation in your business.

What happens after the consultancy workshop?

After you received a list of actionable tasks and ideas, you can decide whether you want to go further with us – we can prepare for you the MVP, interactive prototypes and start with the development phase.

Have an expert on board
Together we will get to the bottom of the digital challenges and opportunities and make the best out of them for your transformation strategy.
Don't waste time

Thanks to the lightning decision jam methodology, you won't waste time on endless discussion. 2 hours with us is all you need to know what to do.
Pick up where we left off
We can continue working with you on implementing the action list and deliver the final solution.

Meet the expert

Book your free digital transformation consultancy workshop now.

"For over 10 years I have been helping companies from around the world create digital products that deliver meaningful and relevant experiences to users. I achieve this by specifying user requirements, designing solutions and evaluating them at every step with end-users."

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We promise you will love working with us.

We understand your business.
We are more than just developers. We're a team of experts who understand your business and your goals.
We communicate seamlessly.
With us you won't feel that we're a remote team. We adjust our ways of working to your needs.
And we deliver.
In the end we all want to see results. And you will get these with us.