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We help to improve your patients experience and internal processes through innovative, custom healthcare solutions.

Secure storing and sharing of medical data

One of BioMensio’s business challenge was to create a system that will securely store data and provide user management solutions. The architecture had to be well thought out in terms of data security, the ability to connect with other systems, as well as the feature of downloading data from onsite devices.

BioMensio choose Espeo as the right partner as we have proven experience in the healthcare industry combined with technical understanding of medical data storage.

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Espeo Software is a strategic technology partner for healthcare ventures in the USA, the UAE, and Europe.

We excel at healthcare software development building solutions that support collecting, processing, analyzing, and sharing medical data.

Take advantage of our innovative approach.

We provide better security, interoperability, and immutability of medical records by leveraging blockchain technology as a data storage layer.
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Bring your patient care to the next level through real-time health-monitoring.

We level up the way of bringing data together and deliver invaluable additional data, extra insights and the possibility for remote care with IoT powered solution.
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We can find and build the best solution for you.

Right from the ideation to release, we help you architect, build, test, and support your healthcare applications.
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We communicate seamlessly.
With us you won't feel that we're a remote team. We adjust our ways of working to your needs.
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In the end we all want to see results. And you will get these with us.

Meet the expert

Dominik is our software consulting director specialized in IT Systems & Business Analysis, including product and prototype development.

Thanks to working closely with our healthcare clients and consultants, his knowledge around healthcare and its processes comes in handy for every project regarding medical data storage and sharing.

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I hereby give consent for my personal data included in the contact form to be processed by Espeo according to the terms indicated in Information about personal data processing for requests via contact form at Espeo Software.

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