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Espeo DevOps Services

With us, you can focus on developing your application

Why Espeo?

Whether you need support for your single-server MVP, or you want to scale up your application to thousands servers - our unique approach gives you the best time-to-market and full transparency.

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Espeo Quality Standard

In 2018 security is #1 concern for every CIO. With us you can focus on developing your application, while we care 24/7 for the security of your servers.

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Agile Delivery

At the very beginning of our agile development process we actively involve our DevOps engineers into scrum team work. Thanks to this approach, our DevOps engineers have a real impact on solution design, security and performance, instead of just following developers' ideas.

This way apps we create are better adjusted to the traffic they are expected to serve, have higher security level and are better adjusted for the future development.

We work with all major cloud vendors...

...in over 100 locations across the whole world

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Our software development services have helped 100+ entrepreneurs to gain their competitive advantage and build their market growth strategy based on innovative web and mobile apps.

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We support all major systems, CI/CD tools and other technologies

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60+ finished projects
in last 3 years

100+ supported
cloud locations

1600 servers per person
(capacity of our process)

Our infrastructure management process

Read more and discover how do we outrun our competitors.

Our advantages

  • security is always #1 priority (and you get it for free)
  • trusted staff (no random people will ever touch your servers)
  • PCI DSS experience
  • 24/7 detailed service monitoring on all levels
  • short reaction times thanks to our unique dual-stack approach
  • detailed work reports (you always know what you're paying for)

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