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Product design workshops

Our Product Design methodology guarantees a seamless application development process from start to finish

Are you thinking of building a new mobile or web app?

Understanding the business requirements and user needs ensures that your project investment will be successful and provide immediate compensation.

Make sure you have a clear business concept based on a reliable analytical approach and insightful documentation necessary for rewarding work with your future technology partner.

The most common reasons why apps fail according to Clutch.co

The Business Plan Doesn't Stay Constant

Decision Makers Choose the Wrong Platform

The User Experience is Poor

The App is Technologically Irrelevant

Let’s make sure you avoid all these pitfalls at the very beginning of your product development.

What does it take to develop a successful web or mobile app?

The Product Design stage is a key success factor while creating a web application. Effective functioning of the app requires:

Close Collaboration

Involvement of designers, developers, product owners, strategists, stakeholders, and most importantly, the users.

Methodical Approach

The use of methodical set of tools that adhere to Agile methodology, and make the job more scientific and collaborative.

Our Product Design methodology guarantees an effective application development process from the very beginning.

Begin Product Design Workshop with Espeo:

Clearly Defined Vision

Full Understanding of Market Requirements

Perfect Technology Fit

Clear Execution Plan

Key Benefits

Key market analysis ensuring the app’s market success

Defining key MVP features & technology selection

A full report of the detailed app cost

Visualising your app with a product prototype

What tools do we use?


Customer Journey Maps

User stories

The Espeo Approach
We offer two workshop options:

1. The basic Product Design workshops include product discovery phase that ends up with Product Specification report.

Product Discovery

Product Specification Report

Final Report

2. The extended workshop version is expanded with a design and prototyping phase.



Product Design Workshop

Step 1. Product Discovery Phase
Depending on the client’s business needs and the current product development stage, we can easily adjust tools and point to the beginning of product discovery process.
Step 2. Product specification
After the product design workshop is completed, the client is given access to the created product backlog and a full workshop report.
Step 3. Product Design Phase
Based on the prepared backlog and the user story map we develop a prototype that can be used to validate the initial business objectives behind the product.

Product Design Workshops

Let's talk about how we can help you create an outstanding application with great features and design.
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