Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin workshops

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce Java developers to Kotlin – one of programming languages. Members will have an opportunity to get to know the differences between Java and Kotlin. Moreover, all attendees will get the chance to hear about advanced programming syntax of Kotlin language. It is a first step for all who would like to write their first App. The presentation will include Kotlin advantages, which might be used in future development of such an App.



Android Developer, who cares about providing high-quality code. The ambitious person who likes working in a team. Motivated to develop his own skills and to have the ability to face challenges.


  1. Introduction to Kotlin – basic syntax and differences between Java language – 30 min
  2. Lateinit & by lazy – 5 min
  3. Null safety – 5 min
  4. Extension functions  – 5 min
  5. Data & Sealed classes 10 min
  6. Lambdas – 10 min
  7. Useful tools for Android Developers – 10 min
  8. Java & Kotlin – in one project – 15 min
  9. What to watch out for – 15 min
  10. Summary and Q&A- 15 min


Basic knowledge of Java

Useful reading

From Java to Kotlin


Tuesday, 24 April 2018, 17:00




Espeo Software, Wroniecka 18/5 Poznań