How to create your own cryptocoin

How to create your own cryptocoin

Blockchain workshops

Thank you for your interest, all available spots for this workshop have been taken.

During the workshop we’re going to create an Ethereum smart contract for a new coin with an ICO. Starting from the very basics of smart contract development, through discussion on potential coin and ICO requirements and a dive into the world of TDD and coding exercises. After that we’re going to create an ICO page connected with the test network of Ethereum blockchain.

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Tomasz is a business-oriented software consultant and Java programmer. He's also a Senior Developer and technical leader at Espeo - and a blockchain enthusiast.


  1. Ethereum and smart contract development introduction [30 min]
  2. Coin and ICO requirements discussion [30 min]
  3. Smart contract implementation [3 hours]
  4. Pizza break! [30 min]
  5. ICO status page implementation [1 hour]


  1. Laptop with Node.js 5.0+, a browser and a text editor
  2. Truffle Framework CLI tool and testrpc installed:
    npm install -g truffle@beta ethereumjs-testrpc@beta
  3. Check if it works:
    mkdir truffle-test && cd truffle-test
    truffle init
    nohup testrpc > testrpc.log &
    truffle test
  4. JavaScript async/await knowledge
  5. JavaScript unit testing basic skills

Useful reading

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Saturday, 26 August 2017, 10:00


~6 hours