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3 signs your organization is process ready

Usually it’s hard to specify the moment in which it’s reasonable to invest in a Business Process Management tool. After talking to several customers, we were able to identify a few aspects that show it’s the right time to take a look at this kind of supportive apps.

Organizational chaos starts to be annoying

Let’s assume you’re the CEO / Head of department and your people start coming to you asking the same obvious (only for you!, but you’re not aware of that) questions. Procedures that everybody knew when your company was employing 5-10 people, are not known now, because you didn’t have time to train newcomers.

In the effect, employees don’t really know how to proceed with organizational issues, they do not know who they report to and what their exact tasks are.

Sometimess your business benefits from letting people self-organize, but sometimes you loose – a sales lead is not followed, a customer compliant is not taken care of, somebody doesn’t show up in the office and when he comes next day he says he was sure everybody knew he was going to be absent.

You’re not able to measure your business

Up till now, you were able to count your sales costs, customer care costs or even the administration costs. But now, your organization is bigger and you’re not able to follow all processes. You don’t even know how many people were involved in the project you’ve recently finished. Moreover, you don’t know how much it costed to attract that customer. Some time ago, you were involved in all projects and you knew everything about costs, time and progress, but that’s not the case anymore.

You have some indicators in mind to be implemented, you want to remove bottlenecks but you need raw data to rely on and it’s very hard to get this data from your daily operations.

There are volunteers who want to take care of organizational mess

Some key people share your observations about chaos and lack of transparency in your business and they have a willingness and ideas how to improve the situation. You are sure you can delegate some key areas of your business to them and that will take care of them in a proper way. These “organizational champions” may take the ownership of your business processes and also may play key roles in the organizational change realated to introduction of a new IT tool.

If these points resonate with you, it’s time to take a closer look at a BPM/workflow tool. One of these is Flownie.com, which is suited especially for smaller organizations that don’t want to spend much on such an application, but dare to try how they can benefit from process orientation.

For more info, please visit www.flownie.com.

author: Dominik Zyskowski

Dominik Zyskowski