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Some lessons learned from the launch of a new product

While we are still in the early stage of Flownie.com life, we were able to validate some of our initial assumptions. We even did a quite big change in our application in order to react on the customers’ behaviour.

Key findings

Here are some key findings after the public relase of Flownie.com beta:

  1. We’ve been observing a high number of unsuccessful registrations. It seemed that the visitors of landing page really wanted to register, but the were failing to do that. Initially, Flownie.com was allowing only the registration with business e­mail address in Google domain. We didn’t take into account that users are more likely to try new apps with “no­risk”, so they used their private e­mail addresses and… whoops ­ they were getting and error message. Few days ago, we started letting in all Google users, not only business ones.
  2. Asking for too many access permissions to user’s Google account is not a good idea! Consider carefully how many rights your application needs and think about their type ­ maybe your application only needs to read some data from the user, while you asking him for write access? Finally, we dramatically reduced the list of required permissions and it’s not that scary anymore.
  3. Demonstrate working product to your sales people! Doesn’t matter it’s beta, they can start talking about it to prospective customers. They can be an important source of good ideas, and they get some direct feedback about product idea from real customers.
  4. Don’t make a buzz until your registation process sucks. There is a big chance that you’ll loose a big number of users that would never return. It’s better to repair what is not working properly and then start the marketing again. That’s why this post!

Want to check Flownie? Go to: Flownie


author: Dominik Zyskowski