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8 reasons to choose time and material for your software project

We do things a bit differently here at Espeo. Delivering the highest value to our clients and their end-users is our biggest priority. Based on our experience creating web and mobile apps, we use a time and material model instead of charging a flat rate like many other software houses. Even if it seems counterintuitive, the time and material model is far more effective than flat fees. It will save you money and deliver better quality software.  

Micropower in Fintech: micropayments discovered

In this report, we’ll dive into how micropayments work, key drivers and we illustrate its future. We share one of our client’s success story to emphasis the possibility that micropayments hold also for smaller companies.

Medtech Oasis: Emerging healthcare trends in UAE

IoMT, blockchain, AI - read more about the chances and challenges for the healthcare sector in the UAE

Managing Remote Software Projects: Old way vs. Our Way

On this infographic we present a TRADITIONAL WAY and the ESPEO WAY of managing remote team and software projects. Check out our delivery-oriented approach!

Product Specification & design workshop – effective application development process

Read about our Product Design Methodology which guarantees an effective application development process from the very beginning.

UX DESIGN guidelines from Espeo Software

Learn how basic UX process looks like, the key benefits of implementing an effective UX design and a current trends in UX design

8 reasons to choose Time and Material for Your Software Projects

Why time and material contracts are the best choice for software development?

How to effectively start application development project – Project starter checklist

If you’re interested in knowing how we work, please have a look at our Project Management checklist and see what we do to guarantee satisfaction and maintain the highest level of customer service.

To Hire or Not to Hire: In-house vs. Offshore/Nearshore Development

We understand the fears and objections regarding outsourcing software development. You’d be putting your product into the hands of people you won’t get to see every day. You have to answer to your investor, your co-founder. Tough decision to make. So, to hire or not to hire?

How to Scale Your Tech Startup for The Win

Uncover the secrets of scaling tech startup. Here are the five things that every tech entrepreneur should know.

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