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TinyApp is an application dedicated to establishing a link between parents and teachers in kindergartens. It’s a smart pedagogical assistant inspired by Finnish education and co-created with teachers. The key concept behind the app is making parenting and teaching easier while creating a more supportive environment for the children.

education React Native Ruby on rails

Business challenges

Adjusting application features to improve collecting and analyzing pedagogical data for early childhood teachers and their parents.

Technology challenges

Support for instant communication including sending videos, pdfs, and documents as attachments Multilingual User Interface

Project goal

Create a cross-platform app (working both on Android and iOS devices) that will serve as a smart pedagogical assistant for kindergarten teachers to support early childhood learning and personal development process.

Services provided

A web application using Ruby and React Native that includes video-, image-, and text-based communication for teachers to be used in order to track learning progress, plan and evaluate lessons.


We delivered

Software development


Manual testing

Consulting / Advisory

Agile project management


I’m happy with the people who’re working on my project now and it feels like they’re part of the team. - Taina Mikkola , Founder at TinyApp

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