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Suomen Suoramainonta

Distribution companies operating all over Finland together with Suomen Suoramainonta Oy constitute SSM Distribution Group. Together they produce the largest private and nationwide unaddressed distribution network in Finland. Their direct distribution reaches ca. 2.4 million households. About 1.2 billion distribution products go through their distribution network every year.

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Business challenges

The business challenge was to revamp the outdated logistics management software to increase operations efficiency at Suomen Suoramainonta and roll the new system out to all Distribution Groups. The additional challenge for the new system was to:
- Optimize distribution of millions of leaflets across all areas for each distribution day
- Enable creation of highly customizable printouts of distribution instructions
- Manage a distribution plan with a 2-year perspective

Technology challenges

Some of the technology challenges included:
- Creating a web application with a window based interface which end-users were already accustomed to using.
- Building full bidirectional data synchronization between two services via message queues on each data change in any of the systems.
- Creating an admin panel for message queues and detection system for synchronization failures.
- Read and write query optimization due to the rapid growth of data recorded.

Project goal

Create an easy-to-use web application for area managers to comprehensively manage work orders, which go from area managers to end runners and van drivers. The major point was to make the software much more user-friendly and intuitive than the previous set of tools.

Services provided

We provided a scrum team of eight including developers supported by a tester, DevOps and a Scrum Master. The team was responsible for implementing the backend system, web application and modification of the service BUS facilitating communication with other applications is client’s ecosystem.


We delivered

Software development

Automated testing


Agile project management



Espeo’s approach to project management stands out - particularly their use of Scrum. The team encourages frequent video conferencing as a way to foster teamwork and bridge cultural gaps. Espeo’s ability to tap technical experts in their area for various tasks is also valuable. - Jani Kaski (Director of Development)

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