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The Guardian Media Group is mostly identified with The Guardian, one of the leading newspapers in the UK. Soulmates is an online service designed to help people find romantic partners who share similar values.

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Business challenges

The challenge is to create a platform that helps people find a serious relationship. Soulmates is a paid service and puts a lot of attention on curating user profiles. This way, Espeo has to deal with sensitive, personal data. One of our biggest goals was to make the Soulmates GDPR-ready.

Technology challenges

The challenge was and still is the ongoing development and maintenance of the platform. Soulmates has more than 10 years of history, so there was a need to find a technical partner that could handle that system and its huge database of users. And of course to provide excellent service. The goal was to refurbish the platform, to create a brand new Android mobile application and update the backend part of the project to make it safe and secure.

Project goal

The Guardian needed to renew the system design and functionality of their online dating platform. The platform had to be adjusted to follow GDPR regulations as well. Our goal while building the Soulmates application was to extend brand awareness and increase profits. The Guardian was looking for a long-term trusted technology partner that will work together with Soulmates business team.

Services provided

At first, we started publishing regular updates for the web application and mobile apps. We completed the Android app and started optimizing the existing platform code as well as the Soulmates iOS application. We also adjusted the application to fulfill GDPR regulations. We work in an agile scrum team, where the product owner role is covered by a Soulmates business manager based in London. The rest of the team is on the Espeo side. We have a few developers, a tester, a designer and a project manager.


We delivered

Software development

Automated testing

Manual testing

Consulting / Advisory


Agile project management



Working with Espeo over the last 12 months has been a joy. Extremely efficient, completing tasks in a timely manner whilst managing an effective relationship. - Melissa Christian (Business Manager)

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