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Sanoma is a Finnish multi-channel media giant, and a pioneer in digital publishing. They employ more than 4,400 professionals in five European countries.

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Business challenges

The company needed a new recruitment system, as the old one no longer met their requirements. The replacement process had to be infallible and easy to use, as access to the system was to be sold to end clients in a subscription model.

Technology challenges

Some of the technology challenges involved processing user job application with variable object structure which required the use of a non-relational database. The system also needed to perform complex querying based on variable object structure as well as open text.

Project goal

Espeo introduced a non-relational database (MongoDB) to save user applications with a variable object structure and Elasticsearch for complex queries.

Services provided

Espeo created a web-based recruitment management system called Artist using the Symfony2 framework. The old model was replaced with a white label solution model.


We delivered

Consulting / Advisory


Software development

Agile project management



I'm able to collaborate with them in ways that would have been impossible with other firms I've worked with outside of Finland. I liked the fact that they responded very quickly to any questions or concerns I had. When I sent a request or a task, I saw the progress and I knew it will be done within the time period I wanted. - Team Manager, Sanoma (Finland)

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