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PressDoor is a service directed at the media publishers market. The aim is to monetize published content also with other readers than the full subscribers. Thanks to the adoption of micropayments readers will be able to pay for access to a single article or a package of articles. The publishers decide what content bundles to offer and at what price.

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Business challenges

The most important business challenges is to convince the publishers to a new way of distributing the published contents. To achieve this PressDoor inserts a purchase window on the publisher’s own web page, but connects to marketing services advertising the content elsewhere on the internet. Purchase is possible both with teleoperator invoicing and credit cards, and on all reading devices, covering 99% of digital readers.

Technology challenges

The technological challenge was creating a browsing app for mobile and other devices which operates the complicated flow of micropayments. This app also had to guarantee user authentication while displaying the content according to the access rules defined by the publisher at the backend of the PressDoor platform. The reader is able to reread his purchased content with the same or also on other devices.

Project goal

Create an easy-to-use web platform that allows its end-users to buy digital content and the publishers to experiment with different offerings.

Services provided

Espeo has been part of the project since the very beginning. We have been responsible for implementing backend system, web application for the readers, preparing the branding and the project of UI platform.


We delivered

Software development

Automated testing

Manual testing


Agile project management

Consulting / Advisory


I'm satisfied with the product of the project we did with Espeo in 2018 and looking forward to the next opportunity to work together. - Andreas Berg (Project Manager)

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