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Founded in 2016, Mightifier is a browser-based application for schools to monitor and enhance well-being through positive pedagogy and character development. It helps to develop social skills by teaching kids how to give positive feedback based on their classmates’ daily behavior.

education team leasing Node.js

Business challenges

Two years after the launch of the initial app, Mightifier saw a clear market need and together we worked on a solution of showing the user the actual impact of the app. It was highly requested from customers to make use of the data which is collected. The idea was to provide a tool such as the sociogram tool to create a digital outline from the information gathered with the well-being pulse -questionnaire. Thanks to this, valuable insights can be shared and used in pedagogical decision-making.

Technology challenges

The further development of the web application was done in Node. To keep the user experience high, the biggest challenge was to keep the application as simple and straightforward to use as it has been from the beginning. Furthermore, we needed to integrate the product with one of Mightifier's partners, Global Grid for Learning, which is something new for them. Here, besides our developing expertise, we also needed to prove our excellent communication skills to make this process as smooth as possible for all parties.

Service provided

Espeo was responsible for the development and maintenance of the web applications. The Mightifier project consists of two front-end applications — a feedback tool, an admin panel with statistics, users management, object management etc. and a common back-end written in Node. At the the same time, we provided our business consultancy expertise, as well as manual and automated testing services for new and existing features, suggesting better solutions to improve the UI and UX.

End result

Overall, the new update of the application helped Mightifier to successfully kick-off their expansion to the US market, attracting partners and satisfying the costumer needs.


We delivered



Software Development

Anna Hallikainen, product development manager

Espeo Software establishes a smooth workflow through communication and collaboration. The team invests themselves in the success of their client’s projects to ensure they deliver quality results.

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