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MapJam is a quick mapping platform designed to easily share business locations, events, and gatherings. The app allows businesses, organizations, and people to create useful personalized maps.

social network Node.js Angular.js Android iOS

Business challenges

The goal of the project increasing MapJam’s maps reach by putting them on mobile devices through the development of Android and iOS libraries/SDKs as well us integrating MapJam’s widget with popular platforms such as Slack, Wix.com, and Shopify.

Technology challenges

The tech challenge was to add an Android library/SDK and an iOS library/SDK functionally similar to existing JavaScript developer libraries to take advantage of MapJam’s map tiles.

Project goal

The project goal was to integrate the app’s functionalities into Slack, Wix.com, and Shopify.

Services provided

Espeo’s main task was to integrate the app’s functionalities into Slack, Wix.com, and Shopify. We used technologies such as AngularJS and Node.js to create a solution with the same location abilities as the original app. The map had to open once a particular phrase was used, and the user query searched for any possible clue to pinpoint the user’s location. The map widgets have been seamlessly integrated with Shopify and Wix platforms to further expand MapJam’s reach.


We delivered


Software development


The outcome relied on two main elements: promptness in delivery (as the work had to be coordinated with that of other programmers), and the user-friendliness of the implemented solutions. We can say with full confidence that Espeo Software has dealt very well with both of those challenges.

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