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Lifestage Solutions AG

Lifestage Solutions AG is a well funded Swiss startup dedicated to digitizing mobile nursing services. They are a strategic partner of Spitex, the public healthcare system in Switzerland and their goal is to decrease time and resources in order to make the daily operations easier and more efficient.

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Business challenges

The website is the first digital touchpoint and it is crucial to leave a good impression. For Lifestage it was important that the website reflects the company's breakthrough way of thinking and embolds it technical front-runner proposition.

Technology challenges

The website was created with plain HTML, JavaScript and CSS to provide as smooth a user experience as possible. It has an interactive SVG menu, with embedded HTML, which uses CSS to provide interactivity.

Project goal

The project goal was to build a customized and user friendly website that contains all important information about the company and its services.

Service provided

Espeo created the high fidelity website interface design for desktop and tablet breakpoints, based on wireframes received from Lifestage Solutions. Furthermore, we also designed a custom navigation widget, which is an interactive illustration with clickable links, representing their value proposition model. “Espeo was able to hit the ground running and responded well to stretched targets, slick piece of work”, Daniel Dolz, COO Lifestage Solutions.


We delivered


Software development

Daniel Dolz, COO Lifestage Solutions AG

Espeo was able to hit the ground running and responded well to stretched targets, slick piece of work.

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