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Intelligent Payments

Intelligent Payments Group is a payments gateway provider that works with hundreds of merchants to create secure, customized, and flexible online payment solutions. The core company competencies include building omnichannel payments platforms, deploying fraud management, and analyzing business intelligence data for better business strategies.

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Business challenges

Intelligent Payments Group is a Gibraltar-based processor for some of the largest eCommerce merchants in Europe. The company is devoted to constantly developing the portfolio of payment services offered to its clients. Having a number of ongoing IT projects, IPG sought out a trustworthy technical partner to support an internal engineering team in a number of integration and development projects. They chose Espeo as a partner taking into account our expertise in the fintech sector and technical excellence in the technology stack required by IPG.

Technology challenges

IPG is a quite complex platform and the biggest challenge was to familiarize with the business logic of the platform. Also, Espeo work had to be coordinated with a rich portfolio of parallel projects managed by IPG. Fintech projects require special attention put to thorough testing of delivered functionalities. This is why IPG’s testing team was augmented by additional testers coming from Espeo.

Project goal

Espeo has been involved in a number of projects, ranging from the development of core payment system run by IPG, through the number of integrations with new payment methods, integrations with e-commerce packages and mobile libraries development

Services provided

Espeo Software developers are a part of the Intelligent Payments back-end team. We ran programming jobs in Java and PHP to develop new payments channels and support integration with such platform as Blik, PayPal, Alior Bank, and many more. Espeo was responsible for the delivery of recurring payments module which was a new important functionality offered by IPG to its merchants. Espeo was also involved in the refactoring of mobile UI of the IPG payment solutions. Apart from pure development tasks, Espeo also participated in the end-to-end quality assurance process governed by the IPG, by providing full-time testers. The responsibility of Espeo was not only on the technical level because we also supported IPG’s business analysis team by working together on refining the documentation in parallel to the implementation process.


We delivered

Software development

Automated testing

Manual testing

Team extension

Agile project management

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