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Impacti engages with businesses and organizations of all sizes looking to manage their sustainability impact. They make impact reporting more transparent, trusted and in real-time. Impacti’s tools are designed especially to meet the needs of businesses interested in sustainability but either dissatisfied with existing software options or using in-house or Excel-based tools that keep their sustainability initiatives isolated and disconnected.

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Business challenges

Our client wanted to implement a platform that allowed companies to input their data in one central, secure place and receive Impacti recommendations on the various standards and regulations that may apply to your business. To start, a company is able to match its data to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Technology challenges

The platform was a large database application that the client wanted to create with open source technology. Espeo’s developers built it using a Node.js framework. They used React.js for the frontend and MongoDB for the backend.

Project goal

Impacti needed an application for collecting and analyzing data related to the influence of the company on the environment. The app was planned to be offered in a SaaS freemium model. The codebase was intended to be open-source. The main challenges in this project were extended user interface and high requirements for the configurability of the application.

Services provided

We built the platform from scratch, providing both backend and frontend development services. Before the programming started, Espeo supplied a UI/UX designer who spent a lot of time ensuring the interface was user-friendly.


We delivered


Software development





Espeo grasped the project quickly and was enthusiastic about the work. - Mitch Hall, Co-Founder

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