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Dreams.Build is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform based in the US state of Virginia. The platform offers two-stage funding, digital files, an integrated community, and multi-charity donations. Users can sponsor dreams and innovations of tomorrow.

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Business challenges

Espeo developers and the Dreams.Build team came up with an initial list of over twenty features for the platform. Part of the business challenge was to refine the scope to deliver the highest-quality features that time and budget allowed. We finally decided on the most useful features and laid out plans for further development.

Technology challenges

Espeo developed the platform and implemented its unique two-stage funding system, including currency conversions. We completely reworked some of the old code from the previous developers to bring it up to current standards as well as sorting out technical debt.

Project goal

Dreams.Build needed a partner to take over their project from a previous group of developers. They also needed to build a platform that would follow code quality standards and get the first version out to consumers, as well as have a solid base for scaling in the future.

Services provided

The team on Espeo’s side consisted of 2 developers, tester and project manager. On the client side, the founder of a company acted as a product owner. We worked within an agile setup, maintaining day-to-day contact between the development team and the product owner.


We delivered

Software development

Manual testing

Consulting / Advisory

Agile project management


I'm very satisfied with Espeo. They gave us updated code every week as we requested to get ready for our closed beta that we were going to conduct. - Dakota Gallimore, CEO

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