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Daybreak Chita

CHITA is a unified content integrity and collaboration platform for the modern digital life sciences workplace.

healthcare Java Docker Elasticsearch vert.x

Business challenges

In the drug review and development process, the formal issues alone can generate costs in the billions of dollars. The challenge was to create an easier and safer workflow documents system - one that would automate elements of the process of reviewing and approving innovations in the pharmaceutical industry.

Technology challenges

The challenges were around the development process that required full auditability of source code and technical architecture. The work done had to be documented in a very accurate manner, allowing for further certification of the platform to process sensitive data such as electronic health records.

Project goal

Create an easy and safe workflow documents system to automate reviews and approvals of innovations in the drug development process.

Services provided

After consultations, the Espeo team decided to create a system using the Vert.x framework and the Elasticsearch engine. This included efficient search comparison, approval and record-keeping mechanisms for documents likely to undergo thousands of changes. Thanks to the components used, the product now boasts an efficient and precise search and comparison mechanism and makes work with regulated content much more hassle-free. What’s more, the system was adapted for integration with additional platforms offering disk space (like Box.com).


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