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Collective Crunch

CollectiveCrunch collects technical, climate, and geographical data to crunch this information for deeper insights and predictions. They see technical data in the context of climate and geo data and predict key parameters with machine learning.

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Business challenges

CollectiveCrunch is becoming a leading provider of AI to the forestry sector in Finland. Their product aims to disrupt the way the forestry industry purchases and values raw material assets.

Technology challenges

The challenge was to work with a mix of technologies/languages such as Python (used for the ML/AI part mainly) and Javascript (backend and UI part). The crucial element was to create a beautiful user interface and implement it using React.js framework and Highcharts library. On the backend side, the initial system architecture had to be refactored.

Project goal

CollectiveCrunch needed a UI (front-end) layer of the app developed for their partner. The challenge was the stability of a paper production machine - there were various issues resulting in machine downtime. The project work also included refactoring of the backend platform to separate machine learning algorithms, an API layer, and data storage.

Services provided

Espeo developed the application’s UI for monitoring sensor data. The app communicated with the client backend server via an API and WebSockets and displays machine sensor data in real-time. It also visualized data in the form of clear and useful charts. Espeo was also involved in the backend development and deployment of the system to the Azure cloud.


We delivered

Software development



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